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我们存在的拱廊之火 Walking around head full of sound 在满脑子的声音走 Acting like we don't exist 好像我不存在 Walk in a room stare out through you 走在一个房间里盯着你 Talking like we don't exist 说我不存在 But we exist 但我们的存在 Daddy

We are in every moment you need,service ,integrity and effciency are our principle ,we are on the track to grow, and we would like to grow with you我们处在您需要的每一个时刻,服务,诚信和效率是我们的原则,我们正在追求成长,我们希望与您共同成长

service 英[s:vs] 美[s:rvs] n. 服役; 服务,服侍; 服务业; 维修服务; vt. 检修,维修; 向…提供服务; 保养; 满足需要; adj. 服务性的; 耐用的; 服现役的; [例句]Britain still boasts the cheapest postal service英国仍拥有最便宜的邮政服务系统.[其他] 第三人称单数:services 复数:services 现在分词:servicing过去式:serviced 过去分词:serviced

we will provide the best quality services for you!

楼主,您好,很荣幸能为您解答. 我的翻译如下:在您所处的区域,我们无法为顾客提供服务 region [ri:dn] n.地区,地带,区域;范围,幅度 希望我的一点小小的建议能给你带来帮助,祝你好运!

We are engaged in the best service for you.

Community Service During the winter vacation , the students in our community joined in the meaningful activity , in which all of us did our bit for our community .We decided to clean the community nursing home first. We cleaned the windows and

In addition to high-quality products, we can also provide you with the best service, in fact, we are well known for good service in the marketplace.

We sincerely hope our service will be satisfactory to you.

我们这里没有这个服务We don't offer this kind of service here.

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