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adj.沉思的; 体贴的; 缜密思考过的,深思熟虑的; Doing something thoughtful for someone else does make you feel good . 为别人做考虑周到的事情的确让你感觉会很好 They sat in thoughtful silence.他们坐着,沉思不语.

Doing something thoughtful for someone else does make you feel good . 译:为别人做考虑周到的事情的确让你感觉会很好.

They sat in thoughtful silence.他们坐着,沉思不语.He looked thoughtful.他一脸沉思的神情

My character is thoughtful, like that I always left things in their places.

He gets angry easily.They are kind and thoughtful, but they also get angry easily.

thoughtful[英][θ:tfl][美][θtfl]adj.体贴的; 沉思的; 缜密思考过的,深思熟虑的; 比较级:more thoughtful最高级:most thoughtful形近词:thoughtout双语例句 1Nancy, who had been thoughtful for some time, suddenly spoke.南希沉思了一会儿,突然开口说话了.2It seems like the smallest thing, but being insanely thoughtful can be insanely powerful.这些似乎都很琐碎,但极端体贴入微能产生惊人的力量.

How did you learn about the meeting?有关会议的情况你是怎么知道的?Children seem to learn about computers by osmosis.孩子们似乎不知不觉地就了解了计算机.We only learned about your intended visit yesterday.我们昨天才听说你们准备来访.

think. 动词. 认为,以为,想来,思考 例句:I think she is beautiful 我认为她很漂亮 thought. 名词自. 想百法,看法,主意,思想 例句度:I have a thought 我有一个想法 thoughtful 形容词. 沉思的,体贴的 例句:He is thoughtful man 他是一个体知贴的人 thoughtfully 副词.若有所思的,意味深道长的 例句:He is standing thoughtfully 他站在那里若有所思

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散文, 随笔 It's an essay heavy with surplus phrasing.这是篇废话连篇的散文.This is a thoughtful essay.这是一篇具有思想性的随笔.

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