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speak to oneself,talk to oneself,say to oneself,think aloud 都是自言自语

1.On this long journey there's been little else to do but think, or talk to oneself. 在这漫长的旅途极少有别人这样做,但认为,或向自己.talk to oneself 自言自语2.We still devote oneself to to develop this property. 我们仍然致力于发展这个产业.

1)i'm talking.2)i can't talk.3)do you like talking?4)can you [talk]?(what can you do?)

He can do the housework by himself.他能自己独立做家务 We enjoyed ourselves in the park yesterday.昨天我们在公园玩的高兴 Nobody taught her.She taught herself.没有人教她,她自己自学成才 Children,help yourselves to some fruit!孩子们,随便吃些水果吧!

talk的形容词:talkative ['t:ktiv] :adj. 多嘴的;爱说话的;多话的;饶舌的

I would like to talk to him about it . 我想跟他谈那件事.

talk to是固定词组,意思是交谈,聊天. talk to后接人称 例句:I want talk to your sister.

talk to oneself, 和某人谈话,谈话可能会针对一个话题. say to oneself, 和某人说话,只是一般性的说话.

I talk to my father about my study I talk to my mothet that I got good grades this exam. 望采纳

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