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a seven day long holiday has flown away. mourning my happy hours during the vacation, i've been looking forward to winter holidays. people around me seemed to have enjoyed the vacation, too. then, is it fair that people have the same amount of

My holiday was good.I stayed at home for sometime.I went to Tianyi Square and bought same games.But one day,my monther,my younger brother and I went to Tianyi digital square to buy games.And I bought a new uniform in the evening.I'd like to

my summer holiday started from july. in july,i always stay at home, reading books and watching tv. i borrowed some books from the library of the city.they are about english and maths. because i am not good at english and maths, i need to study hard

The vacation came .Of course I will spend an hour playing basketball with my friends because doing sports is good for my health. I will help my parents do some housework every day and I am going to learn how to cook. In the evening I will surf the

My holiday Today,I'm planning to do some exercises on my summer vacation in order to make me stronger.If you ask what the summer vacation in my dream is ,I'll tell you

My holidayLast summer,we went to a lake with my grandmother and grandfather.I swam in the lake and I played on the beach.I liked playing on the beach.This summer holiday,I think we will go on a trip t

a wind and the calendar of the afternoon, me and my mother, cousin and the cousin yo dog to clean air, scenic geleshan play. small colorful flowers to welcome our arrival with a smile; xiaocaohu their small head out and waved to us. we enjoy the

now that summer holiday is coming,i need to make a holiday plan.first,i plan to finish my homework in two weeks.then i would like to spread my wings and go traveling abroad.it is really fun to meet foreign friends and learn foreign culture.at last,i think

The summer vacation is coming and all my family want to go to Beijing becaus e there are many places of interest. Firs t we want to visit the Great Wall becaus e it is one of the greatest wonders in th e world. Second we want to visit the su mmer

My summer holiday I had a happy summer holiday because I did many interesting things. I went to the beach and I swam in the sea.I called my friend and played with them.I visited my grandparents and ate much delicious food. Then I went to the zoo

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