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insisted on 是insist on 的过去式 “坚持”的意思

前者表示 做出某决定 后者表示 取决于或依靠于.

insist【用法一】 v. 坚决要求;坚持要;一定要例1:we insisted on his apology. 我们要他赔礼道歉.例2: she insisted on seeing us home.她坚持要送我们回家.例3: i insisted on their arriving there ahead of time.我坚持要他们提前赶到那.注:1)

insist on doing..坚持做某事

insist 1、意思是“坚持要”表示命令、要求,其后之宾语从句要用虚拟式动词原形 或者“should + 动词原形” 例句: i insist that you (should) be present. they insisted that she (should) be invited. i insist that you (should) see a doctor. she insisted

insist 用法与suggest 相似.insist作“坚持”说时,要用陈述语气;作“坚决主张;坚决要求”讲时,用虚拟语气.如: when the son suggested that they should go to the park on sunday, the expression on his father's face suggested that he

insist[英][nsst][美][nsst] vt.& vi.坚持; 强调; 坚决要求; 坚决认为; 第三人称单数:insists过去分词:insisted现在进行时:insisting过去式:insisted 例句:1.The imf and the international community should insist. imf和国际社会应坚持这一点.2.China will doubtless insist that the americans can hardly complain. 中国必然会将坚称美国毫无抱怨的立场.

insist 1.坚持认为宾语从句不用虚拟语气 2.坚持要求宾语从句用虚拟语气should+动原(should可省略)

insist 常与on, that连用1\主张;坚持to insist on the importance of being punctual 强调遵守时间的重要 We insist on self-reliance.我们坚持自力更生.2\坚持要求I insist on your being there. 我坚持要你在那里.We all insist that we not rest until we finish the work.大家都坚决要求不完工就不休息.

一、 作不及物动词用时,后跟on或upon引起的短语\x0d1) insist on/ upon+名词\x0dThey insisted on a definite answer.\x0dI insisted on a replacement for the broken part on my bike.\x0dOur English teacher ins

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