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hElp sB to Do sth造句

help sb.(to) do 帮某人做某事 He helps me do the housework.help sb with sth 在什么事情上帮助某人 He helps me with my study.

I help my mother to do housework. help的用法:可以是help sb do sth 也可以是help sb to do sth.这里的to可以省略.希望我的答案对你有帮助

He helps me to do the housework. to可以省略的.

She helps him to do homework.

I help the teacher clean the classroom.我帮助老师打扫教室.

They helped the old man cross the roadLet me help you to carry the box.He often helps me with my English请及时采纳,不懂继续问(*^__^*) 祝学习进步! 谢谢!

help sb. to do sth.帮助某人做某事 can't help doing sth.情不自禁做某事

She prayed now. "Lord, help me to find courage." 她马上祈祷道:“上帝呀,请赐我勇气吧.” I allowed her to help me to my feet. 我允许她扶我站起来.Will you help me to take the size of the board? 帮忙量一下这木板的尺寸好吗?Please

she often helps me with my english. i help help my mother with the housework.let me help you to carry the desk. they are helping the farmers to pick apples

主语+help+sb.+to do sth. I help him to clean his rome.初一一枚

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