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come to realize 英[km tu: rilaiz] 美[km tu rilaz] [释义] 认识到,开始意识到; 双语例句1. I've come to realize what I said at the meeting was off beam. 我已经了解到我在会议中所讲的话是错误的.2. He'll come to realize it one day. 他 总 有一天会懂得这一点.3. We come to realize what's worth the sweat and what isn't. 使我们认识到那些东西是值得为之奋斗的那些则不是.

为您解答 就是已经意识到,悟出来 加个have come to比光用realize更强调一个从不明白到意识到的过程趋势


In recent weeks, the previously- unheralded Edu has come to prominence with impressivedisplays and important goals. 在前几个星期,曾经默默无闻的埃度凭给人深刻印象的表现和重要进球赢得了很多关注.


Keep on go till you come to a red brick building.一直往前走直到一座红砖楼为止.Go straight on until you come to a bus stop.你一直往前走,直到公共汽车站为止.The next day we come to a small village.第二天我们来到一个小村庄.Just go along this road until you come to a place where the road forks.你沿这条路一直走,走到交叉路的地方.

come across1.穿过(路、桥等) Don't come across the street when there is heavy traffic. 车子多的时候不要过街.2.偶然发现或碰到 I came across this old photograph when looking for a book yesterday. 我昨天找书的时候,偶然发现了这张早年的照片.

come to do 来干(从事).某事.excuse me,would you like to come to do me a fever?对不起,请您过来一下,我有一个问题想问一下您.i've come to do voluntary service.我是来尽义务的.we are looking forward to our clients come to do business with

I realized that I was wrong. 我意识到我错了.


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