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ACCEss to suCCEss原文

1believe 是动词,而having the internet at home is important to their children's success in school 是个宾语从句,这个从句中的主语是个动宾结构,即having the internet at home,而动宾结构作主语,其中的动词必须改成ing形式.2evidence linking access

第一个 giving an access to success作主语the method的补足语


1.the most happy thing is to achieve the goal of yourself2.creat a road to success3.some time face the homework gathering like a huge mountain.

他已经出国去深造了 : He went to abroad for study already.每个房间都有浴室,都能上网 : Each room has a bath and can access to Internet.

one day after school, li feng saw the mother-sheep and xiaoyang were eating crops in the ground,so li feng went to catch them, but the sheep do not listen to, how to do it? an idea into his mind, he holded up the xiaoyang and run, the mother-sheep met and followed .a few minutes later, they left the farmland.

Please smileA smile can make people happy, smiling can give people full of vitality, can give people maintain a healthy smile, so smile in our lives play a very important role.If you're a person arguing that when people are angry, you have smiled. That

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