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用BE ExCitED ABout造句

i am excited about going to beijing

I am excited about the news that I have succed.

excited,形容人一般都是用ed结尾的形容词,ing结尾的用来形容事物,be excited about,固定词组

Jack felt excited about the party and drunk a lot of wine.

1、 So,it was easy for me to get excited of doing this with them.所以我也就很容易对,与他们一起做感到兴奋.2、 I love this profession.Sometimes I may get excited just by thinking of what I'm doing.我喜

有,be excited about 意思是“因…而激动”.

be excited about英[bi: ksatd baut]美[bi ksatd bat]对…感到兴奋[例句]however to get business buy in you need the business to be excited about what you are doing.但是想要让企业买你的帐,你需要让企业为你所做的事情感到兴奋.

be excited at “在.的影响下而激动be excited about “关于某事而激动”She is very excited about/at winning the first prize.赢得首奖,她激动不已.常可以互换


I am very excited to meet my old friends again after so many years.I pack the suitcase with my clothes.He is as old as Tom.

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