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可以模拟实战对话啊!在对话中可以像朋友一样先谈论天气,然后谈论货物规格、交货方式、付款条件……最后表达自己的谢意及愿意与对方继续合作的意愿啊!In this conversation, Rocky Simons is the owner of a small company that

A:Good morning, Sir,what can i do for u ?B:Yes, i'm wondering r these made from bamboo? A: yes,it is. you can see it clearly.B:well, how's the price?A: 20rmb for 1 piece,B: can the price be lower? i'm inersted in ur products.A: I'll cut the price down,

你好,答案仅供参考!A: Hey guys, want to go shopping in Guangzhou? For the latest fashion out there?B: Ye sure, Guangzhou is my favourite place to shop, what about you C?C: Ye let's go.A: Wow, there's been such a big change here since the

A: Good morning, Mr./Ms XX. Can we sign the contract today?B: Good morning, I am sorry. As some points concerning the contract have not yet been settled, negotiation has to be continued before the contract is signed.A: Sure, so, what's the

首先肯定是问候语,简单举例说一下两个人打电话时的对话,比如说a在接电话,b要找的人不在 a:hello!who is that? b:hello!this is b .may i speak to ? a:sorry,he/she isn't here.can i take a message for you? b:that's very kind of you,please tell


外贸英语与某人建立业务关系establish business relationship with sb.外贸英语与某人建立业务关系establish business relationship with sb.

常用外贸术语有很多,先补充一些常用的单词托运人(shipper) 第三者提单(thirdparty b/l)收货人(consignee) 凭托运人指示(to order of shipper)凭收货人指示(to order of consignee) 凭银行指示(to order of xx bank)被通知人(notify

日常商务英语口语 状况1:第一次和客户见面 A:您好吗?Wise先生,很高兴认识您. How do you do? Mr Wise. Glad to meet you! B:您好!李先生,我也很高兴认识您. How do you do! Mr Li. Glad to meet you too. 状况2:和老客户见面 A:嗨

1,Regarding the size;Sorry to inform that the size you want is little different with ours,here send you our size&image for your confirm and kindly let me know whether it's ok for you?2.Regarding the sample;We'd truly cherish this opportunity to start

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